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Get Your Badge On!
Wearing Your Name Badge Creates More Sales Per Year

In a poll we recently conducted; “Wearing a Name Badge in Public” we had a lot of comments and overall it is good news for Real Estate as most really “get it”

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One of our customers in Virginia, Jeff Mangus, used the $20 investment he made in his name badge to land the largest listing he had ever had. I’d like to share Jeff’s amazing story from his blog with you first. Then we’ll look at some results those agents who participated in our survey from around the country had from wearing their name badges. Finally, we’ll look at the results from our poll and what those results could mean for you.

Jeff Mangus Old Colony Realty
Jeff Mangus
Old Colony Realtors


"A simple $20 badge reeling in a $2.8M listing is like earning $140,000 for every dollar spent.

I want to tell a little story about how, just today, I managed to get a $2.8M property listing by simply wearing my name badge. The story begins with me sitting at my desk and taking care of some loose ends on a few transactions and taking a couple calls to come and list two new homes – from my prospecting efforts.

It was getting to be early afternoon, my phone rang and it was my ex-wife asking me if I could take our eldest son to the dentist. I made arrangements to pick him up at his school and being a normal teenager he was running late so we had to rush to the dentist’s office to make the appointment.

I have never been to this dentist and in the rush I didn't realize I was still wearing my name badge. I sat in the waiting room patiently for a little while and finally was called back to discuss what was going on with my son’s teeth. I shook the dentist’s hand and he looked directly at my name badge. Before I could utter a single word, he said; “So you’re badge says you are a REALTOR®?”

I quickly answered; Yes sir I am.

He replied; “Are you a good one?”

I responded honestly with; I would like to think so.

He then went on to tell me about his business partner and their piece of prime commercial land that had been put on the market with another REALTOR®. The listing agreement had just expired and they were not pleased with how the other REALTOR® didn't manage to get any results for them. He had 43 acres and he had it on the market for $2.8M.

“Do you think you could sell it?” he asked me.

I told him directly with most my confident voice, I can sell it for you!

just as quickly he responded with; “Great, call me tomorrow to set up a time to meet and we will go with you.”

So I met with him and his partner the next day and listed the property.

THE MORAL OF MY STORY--- Always wear your name badge. You just never know who you’re going to meet. Incidentally I purchased my name badge from Recognition Express and yes, my son needed to have two cavities filled - in case you were wondering!

Thanks for that great story Jeff, and thanks again for being our customer. We are extremely proud that our name badges are behind your name and in front of your clients. I think that might set a record for ROI (Return on investment) for an advertising tool. A $20 badge reeling in a $2.8M listing is like earning $140,000 for every dollar spent! Look at the results of our poll and you will see that an overwhelming majority of agents understand the importance, effectiveness and value of using name tags as a marketing tool.

Do you wear a Name Badge in Public?:
I wear my name badge every day from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep. 35%
I wear my name badge when I'm on appointments, or on official company business. 38%
I don't own a name badge. 13%
I don't wear a name badge even though I may own one. 14%

Visually, name badges are seen more than any other form of advertising. Virtually every successful service and sales company has utilized name badges and/or branded clothing since the 1950’s to provide their first interface between themselves and their customers.

I found my last REALTOR® because he was wearing his badge in the Coffee Beanery and we started talking. Things like name badges, license plate frames, magnetic car signs are really great mobile marketing tools because they work passively on their own without your direct involvement (other than initially placing them in view).

Name badges make you more approachable which in turn will make your conversation and sales process flow smoother. To me it just makes too much sense, especially in this economy. That is why I was interested in putting up the poll to see what the numbers and comments would be.

I would like to thank all those agents who participated in our survey and gave us such great comments (see them below.) If you would like to get a high-quality name badge for yourself or outfit your office with them if you currently are not utilizing this basic sales dynamo we would love the opportunity to serve your needs.

Feel free to CLICK HERE to take a look at some different badge styles that would work for you. If you would like us to make you a totally custom badge with a different shape, color or any variation you can think of we would love to make it for you. You might be surprised at how nice they are, some agents tell me that they consider our badges to be more like "bling" or jewelry with the doming and frames that we offer.

Don’t go into 2010 without every advantage you can possibly have. Make sure you are wearing your name badge everywhere!


Yvonne Thomas-Brooks GMAC Real Estate
Yvonne Thomas-Brooks (Atlanta, GA)
Director of Corporate Training
Metro Brokers GMAC Real Estate


“Without it you are naked!”
David Goldstein Crye-Leike Realtors-NLR Branch
David Goldstein (Little Rock, AR)
Executive Broker, Assistant Manager
Crye-Leike Realtors-NLR Branch


“You’re CRAZY not to wear it everywhere
except church. If you’re not prospecting
you’re going out of business. ”
Julie Barrett Paradise Home Realty of the Southeast
Julie Barrett (Pensacola, FL)
Paradise Home Realty of the Southeast


“Wearing a name tag in this ecomony just makes
sense!. It's all about timing and being in front of
the right person at the right time”
Anne Langley Metro Brokers GMAC
Anne Langley (Ball Ground, Ga)
Metro Brokers GMAC

“You'd be surprised at how many people
want to talk to you. I have gotten
business from standing in line at the
grocery store with my name badge on.”
Daryl New SilverCreek Realty Group
Daryl New (Boise, ID)
Realtor, MBA
SilverCreek Realty Group


“Now is the best time to wear a name badge.
Consumers need Realtors more than ever with
the complexities of Short Sales and REO's...”
Liz Hoffman Coldwell Banker Reehl Properties, inc
Liz Hoffman (Fairhope, AL)
Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Reehl Properties, Inc.


“I certainly leave my tag on if I head out to a
shop or restaurant. Particularly in stores
I often meet future clients this way.”
Sheri Jones Greater Montana GMAC Real Estate
Sheri Jones (Hamilton, MT)
Greater Montana GMAC Real Estate


“The grocery store is the best place to wear
a name badge. It is a great conversation starter.
You should be looking for business 24/7...”
Linda S. Cefalu Re/Max Realty 100
Linda S. Cefalu (Hales Corners, WI)
Remax Realty 100


“I have picked up three new clients just
this week as a direct result of wearing
my name tag.”
Karen Johnson Metro Brokers GMAC Real Estate
Karen Johnson (Atlanta, GA)
Associate Broker
Metro Brokers GMAC Real Estate


“A name badge is a mini billboard. Why not
advertise everywhere you go? I have gotten
business from wearing my name tag.”
Lisa Pierucci Etzel Realty
Lisa Pierucci (Price, UT)
Etzel Realty


“Sometimes I forget to take it off, until
someone tells me... Otherwise I would
wear it until bedtime!”
Kathy Mroczko Realty Executives
Kathy Mroczko (Collins, CO)
Realty Executives

“To remind you how powerful badges are, our
school only has 122 kids enrolled! I got two sales
and one potential sale from parents. Remind the
people you see every day what you do.”
gail zaccaro friedberg properties
Gail Zaccaro (Alpine, NJ)
Friedberg Properties

“...At the grocery store, its always the
same question; how is the market? I
always say it's great! Interest rates are
the lowest and still coming down and
prices are down. So BUY!!

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