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5 Tips that Help You Effectively Use the Free Marketing Impact a Thank You Letter Delivers!

Business etiquette parallels good manners, when it comes to recognizing the impact others have had on your success. Very quickly, time can get away from good intentions, and a "thank you" then gets overlooked. Why make the effort to send Thank You notes? Businesses thrive when they express appreciation. People feel valued, and relationships are reaffirmed. That just makes good business sense.

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Think about the type of note you like to receive. What are the qualities that speak to you most? Chances are, that kind of message will be well received by someone else too. A hand-written thank you note can be remembered long after a verbal thank you is forgotten. Why not set a goal to write at least one a day? The following five principles of Thank You Letter Writing will steer you in the right direction and set your business apart from others who don't thank their customer base for their patronage.

Most companies miss out on the easy practice of sending Thank You notes.  They are inexpensive and effective.

Think about the type of note you like to receive. What are the qualities that speak to you most? Chances are, that kind of message will be well received by someone else too.

  1. Be genuine. Don't gloss over the contribution a co-worker has made to your project. Use language that simply and sincerely states what you appreciate about their gift.
  2. Be specific. If the thingamajig was purple and helped you accomplish a task, let the giver know it was just what you needed and why. They will feel so good about their decision to give.
  3. Be personable. It's okay to say that their input brought relief to your workload. Being vulnerable enables others to feel needed.
  4. Be neat. Sloppy presentation can undermine carefully worded thoughts. Take time to do your best work.
  5. Be affirming. This is your chance to affirm the relationship. Find a fresh way to say that you look forward to opportunities to serve them in the near future.

When the term was first popularized in the 1980s, "networking" was something that sales representatives and did during morning breakfasts or evening socials at the local diner or tavern, swapping leads and war stories over coffee and toast or adult beverages. Some 20 years later, the term has worked its way into the common vocabulary, and simply means "staying connected"-as well as "checking your connections regularly."

With the advent of Internet networking and social media networking through outlets like myspace and twitter the old way of doing things is quickly becoming, well, "OLD." Now, those who used to send armies of sales people out to meetings now uses PPC marketing and blogs to share their ideas. Although the "virtual" world seems to be expanding and the "real" one contracting, there are good reasons to network in both domains. You can have productive relationships with people around the world in many ways, but you can't get together for a softball game in Topeka with your cyber pals in New York. Having a balance of virtual and physical contacts will help you balance your networking.

No matter what you do for work or play networking can help. If you need a head start in your new career, check the calendar listings in the business section of the newspaper and drop in on a few social meetings or find group of local entrepreneurs at whose networking meetings you will likely meet the kind of self-motivated individuals that make the best clients.

Networking is really just a high-tech term for "making the rounds" and "talking shop," human activities that go back to the dawn of civilization. One thing they didn’t have at the “dawn” was name badges. That was probably due to a few obvious reasons. First, the dress jacket and lapel hadn’t been invented yet. Not to mention, the population was probably so small that they already knew each other. Those early networkers would have to wait many more years for the "Hello my name is..." sticker to be invented.


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