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Realtors and professionals across the country agree that Recognition Express' products are better than the competiion and our service is second to none.  We provide name tags, awards, signs, plaques, nameplates, custom and blank lanyards and badge holders for any business.

Product Review

See for yourself what makes a badge from Recognition Express better than our competitors. Take a look at our product line of name badges, awards, desk items, signs, and promotional products.

NAME BADGES : Large Oval, Executive, Premier and Deluxe Badges

Our name badges consist of many shapes and styles and options. Below you can learn about our Premium Series of name badges which include a gold or silver frame and scratch resistant urethane doming. Choose any fastener you wish for your custom name tag.

Recognition Express' premium line of name badages includes the Large Oval, the Deluxe, the Premier, the Executive and the Small Oval badge.Our Deluxe, Large Oval, Premier and Executive line of name badges all have classic shapes that will embellish your name and brand. The polyurethane doming process gives them a glossy wet appearance while protecting your badge from scratching. These premium name badges include a silver frame or gold frame. Choose your background color, engraving color, and fastener type (Magnet, pin, pocket, swivel and military)

A high quality name badge from Recognition Express promotes successful and friendly interactions. Name badges increase trust and create opportunities by making your staff more approachable. Name badges also increase the perception of authority over the services/information you offer. A name tag can go a long way to establishing a good rapport, confidence and trust.

Name badges are also seen more than any other form of advertising. Every successful organization uses name badges and branded clothing to provide an interface between themselves and their customers. Go to the movies – they are wearing name badges. restaurants, retailers, car sales, realtors, service industries, government and utility companies, also wear them. You get the idea name badges are everywhere.

From major international corporations to small businesses name badges are an essential marketing piece that puts the finishing touches on your company's professional image. Recognition Express is ready to assist any company or organization with services for name badge design, production and distribution management.

NAME PLATES : Personalized Desk Name Plates and Gifts

We carry a full line of nameplates made from walnut, plastic, metal and premium and simulated woods as well.Desk name plates, welcome card holders, pen sets, desk clocks these are just a few of the desk items and corporate gifts from Recognition Express that create an easily navigable office and also help to build unity and improve employee confidence. Many people just like you find their title very important to them and, since their name plate is usually the most notable place their title is displayed, the name plate takes on a great importance.

From the CEO's desk to the counter in the mail room corporate name plates are a great addition to any office setting. They identify your staff in a professional way and are a great morale booster. Name plates signify your importance to colleagues, current and potential clients when they enter your office.Your name plate reminds you of your status within the company. Your name plate represents how hard you've worked throughout your career to achieve that title.

The fact is that proper recognition and respect of your workers leads to greater employee loyalty and retention. When employees feel that they are recognized properly by their organization they are more likely to take pride in their work and provide better customer service and do a better job on all of their projects.

Why not get a name plate made for a coworker who has an endearing nickname that everyone has adopted. For example: "Jeff Smith, Team Captain." Perhaps the "Employee Of The Month" deserves a name plate that designates their accomplishment? Maybe there's someone who's been voted "Most Likely To Gain New Clients" at the company's holiday party. Wouldn't it be great to give them a name plate that designates this?

With Recognition Express’ collection of pen sets, desk clocks and desk name plates in a variety of colors, shapes and materials, you're sure to find the right style that will fit your office. Choose the small but functional welcome card holders, a walnut triangle plate, green or ebony desk plate. marble or wood desk bar, or the popular, stylish and functional large walnut card holder with name plate. Select the special desk name plate that gives your office that little extra style it needs. Shop our complete collection to find gifts and name plates that will work for your home or office. Whatever type you need, you can bet Recognition Express has it or can make it for you custom.

AWARDS & PLAQUES : Crystal, Glass, Acrylic & Many Wood Types

Looking for a star award or eagle award?  How about trophies and awards for sports, memorials or professional recognition?  Recognition Express manufactures the best awards, plaques and trophies in the industry.Whether it is a glass, crystal, or plexiglas award, or a plaque made from cherrywood, marble, glass, mirror or walnut the results of using these as tools to improve productivity from your staff is significant. A large number of studies have proven that having a visible and promoted award and plaque award program in your office is a great way to encourage your employees to exceed expectations and strive for greatness. Offices that use our plaque programs promote a team atmosphere while increasing their retention levels as well.

A corporate plaque, an achievement plaque, or a recognition plaque, is one of the most popular forms of recognition used around the world. Most companies use plaques as part of their corporate awards program. Whether they are used for Sales Awards, Top Lister of the Month, Associate of the Year Awards, Motivational Awards, Quality Awards, Safety Awards, Customer Service Awards, Employee of the Month Awards, Customer Appreciation Awards, Volunteer Awards or Retirement Awards, plaques are always the most logical and cost effective option.

You want your employees to feel as good about themselves as their performance. Our high quality plaques are valued, sought after and cherished and will shine in your office as brightly as those whom they honor. There are many creative ways to give employee awards, and in almost all cases it is much cheaper than monetary compensation to produce a similar result.

Employee recognition gifts, are very inexpensive, increase employee retention and foster happier, more loyal employees which increases productivity, profits and customer satisfaction. A high quality plaque from Recognition Express is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, long remembered and reflects the success of your company or organization.

INTERIOR SIGNAGE : OSHA, Safety, and ANSI compliant signs

We manufacture braille signs, safety signs that meet osha standards, and ansi signsWhy do you need interior signage? It's required by law that all public buildings must have room identification signs with raised letters and Braille. Recognition Express has ADA approved signs available in all colors, shapes and sizes. When you want to make sure that your building meets all ADA codes and will pass inspection the first time call Recognition Express.

Customers and visitors feel welcome when signs direct them into and around your building. Professionally designed and coordinated interior sign systems by Recognition Express make sure employees and guests get to the right place quickly and easily. Our signs are the best because of their quality and of course, all signs created by Recognition Express come with an iron-clad satisfaction guaranty.

we sell safety signs like this online.  our industrial safety signs are the best.Recognition Express has the solution to your architectural signage and ADA compliance signage needs, whether interior or exterior. For most companies, the need for new signage can spring up multiple times per year. When your company decides to change its identity either because of a merger/acquisition, or merely to update the existing logo, all signage needs updating.

Recognition Express can assist you in handling your corporate signage needs with a varied assortment of ideas. Our fabricators can produce your corporate identity in a vast range of ways: Desk Signs, Directories, Informational Signs, Evacuation Signs, etc... Recognition Express is a long established and still growing Las Vegas based pioneer and leader in producing interior and ADA, ANSI and OSHA compliant signage. and when it comes to compliant signage you are in good hands with us.

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS: Mugs, Pens, Flash Drives, Mouse Pads...

We will suggest corporate gift ideas that you haven't thought of yet.  We get to know your audience and can come up with the best promotional product selection to meet the objective that you set.It’s hard to go anywhere and avoid being exposed to brands. In today’s warp-speed society where everything is on demand, it’s important to build your brand for the long term. Give them something to remember you by, and they will reward you with the ever-important free endorsement. A corporate gift can help you cement your brand among clients and also distinguish you from your competitors. According to PPAI, promotional products include useful or decorative articles of merchandise that are used in marketing and communication programs. Our promotional products can be imprinted with your company's name, logo and message.

Promotional products, also known as premiums, incentives, advertising specialties, business gifts, awards and commemoratives are considered one of the top means of promoting your name in a memorable way to your customer base. Instead of looking at promotional products as only “products” you should instead look at them as an opportunity to help introduce yourself to your clientele in a different and imaginative way.

Our clients have used their promotional products to; attract new customers, increase repeat business, inspire customer loyalty, establish name recognition, improve client relations, reactivate old accounts, support sales by dealers, encourage innovation, Solidify corporate identity, motivate sales staff, commemorate special events, Build an image, promote safety, teamwork and productivity, stimulate trade show traffic, announce sales, cultivate goodwill in the community, show appreciation, apologize for a lapse in service

Promotional products are powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal and in the past our clients have employed promotional marketing campaigns that included items like; attaches, auto accessories, awards, backpacks, beverage holders, coozies, calculators, calendars, caps and hats, ceramic sculptures, flags, duffel bags, fitness equipment, flashlights, folders, gift sets, glassware, golf accessories, golf balls, greeting cards, health products, highlighters and markers, giveaways, jackets, fleece, jewelry, jotters, key tags, knives, lanyards and badges, lawn and garden accessories, luggage tags, magnets, mouse pads, notebooks, office accessories, tools, paper and plastic bags, portfolios, radios, rulers, safety products, slings, sports bottles, sport shirts, sportpacks, stickers and decals, stress relievers, sunglasses, sweaters, sweatshirts, tape measures, technology, tool kits, totes, towels, toys and novelties, travel mugs, umbrellas, wallets, watches, writing sets, You can find all these products and more in our promotional products catalog by starting your search here.

Promotional programs run the gamut from simple - single products distributed once to a small audience - to a comprehensive multi-product campaign directed toward a large audience and running for an extended time. Successful promotion campaigns don't happen by chance. To realize goals, promotional products programs must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the audience, budget and, of course, the ultimate result to be gained.

For promotional products to succeed in a marketing campaign, they must be relevant and wanted by a large audience. Matching your promotional products to the latest market trends will also increase your marketing success. Promotional products must be useful, new and sometimes even hip. The six guidelines below can help ensure your next promotional product giveaway strategy will be a successful one:Promotional items imprinted with your logo produce results that will make an impact with your customers.

  1. Define a specific objective. Whether the goal is to increase traffic at a trade show exhibit or to boost sales with current clients, the first step in any campaign is to clarify the purpose of the program.
  2. Determine a workable distribution plan to a targeted audience. Distribution of a promotional product is as important as the item itself. Research shows that a carefully executed distribution plan significantly increases the effectiveness of promotional products. For example, a pre-show mailing to a select audience delivers more trade show traffic and qualified leads than simply distributing items to passerby at the show.
  3. Create a central theme. Linking a recognizable logo and color to all aspects of a campaign, from promotional products to sales sheets to product packaging, helps create an instantly recognizable image.
  4. Develop a message to support the theme. Supporting a campaign's theme with a message helps to solidify a company's name, service or products in the target audience's mind. For instance, to promote its services to small businesses, a bank created the theme "Are you tired of being treated like a small fish?" and sent fish-related products to its prospects along with promotional literature.
  5. Select a promotional product that bears a natural relationship to your profession or communications theme. A good example is a company that developed a magic motif for its conference at Disney World. Attendees received magic-related products to tie in with the theme "Experience the magic at Disney®."
  6. Don't pick an item based solely on uniqueness, price or perceived value. Don't fall prey to the latest trends or fads. The most effective promotional products are used in a cohesive, well-planned campaign.

Ready to plan your next promotion? Recognition Express stands ready to discuss these six important elements to help you plan the best promotion for reaching your objective. A Recognition Express consultant will help you answer all of these questions as well as offer a variety of value-added services, including unique product ideas, creative distribution solutions and insight on the different imprinting methods just to name a few. Call on us today, we would love the chance to make your promotional product campaign a great success! (800) 457-7030


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